Thursday, November 26, 2009

Starting this blog with some of my old bands. HAWKES, THUNDER BAY , LOSE YOUR FXXKIN' SHIT!, A QUIET NIGHT & SCREAM BABY, SCREAM!


We were a three piece with L.G. on guitar & backing vocals, J.P. on bass & backing vocals and myself Greg on Drums & lead vocals. I will never ever forget this band and the fun we had. It was truly special.

Here are some reviews due to the fact that I am not willing to review my own band.

Pyramid Scheme Magazine's review:

There are a few times in life where you discover music that immediately overwhelms you with a personal connection and satisfaction. Hawkes is that band, from Montreal, is a 3 piece, and plays something of a post-hardcore, Shotmaker derivative, although have very much established their own sound and personality. Check them out but be warned that you may end up listening to "Clairity Has Failed" and "Fleeting Memories" 20 times over!
Pyramid Scheme Magazine

Max from Mon Oeil Records (a little message he sent us):

man i love your songs so much... i am about to leave my apartment, i’m enjoying the last minutes, less than an hour... i’m listening to Hawkes and seeing everything i missed last week. geez, i still can’t believe how much you guys’ music touch me, this’ll be the soundtrack to the end of an important part of my life, also the beginning of a new start... it’s so hard for me right now, your music is a relief, it brings good, it brings understanding, it brings people together. it’s so nice to see all these people in the videos clapping and chanting all together.

There are a few other reviews but they are in french and I am having trouble tracking them down.

Here is a video:

Here is the link to the demo released by Mon Oeil and Where's that Deerhead + 2 unreleased songs from the same recording session.


This was a good one. In this band you had Taylor (from Black Ships, Barn Burner and Barrier) on drums, Marc on guitar (from Black Ships and Barn Burner), Phil on guitar (from Selfmademan), LG on third guitar (from The Broken Sound, Hawkes and Jinga Fly), Wood on bass (from Saint Catherines and Le Bois De Franc) and myself on vocals. This band was so fxxkin' loud it was awesome!!!! Very heavy and epic, kinda like the heavier screamo from Germany and Quebec mixed with a crusty sound like you know all the numerous names attached to this tag. We never recorded and that was a total bummer but there are couple of videos I will be posting.
We have recently jammed again and pulled together some of the old songs and are planning on writing new material. This time we will hopefully be recording and archiving this awesomeness. We also plan on playing shows in 2010. We never recorded and that was a total bummer but there are couple of videos I will be posting.

Here are the vids:


Lose Your Fxxkin' Shit! was a half crazed thrash punk band started by Tommy on bass (from Die Hard 2), Hans on guitar (from Barrier, Die Hard 2, Prevenge, Vile Intent, etc) and myself on drums. Then we had our off the wall friend Cud (from At Worst (formally know as When I Fall) and Start Today) join to do vocals. We didn't play many shows at all but it was a total blast. This shit was sooo fxxkin' fast and unstoppable.

Here is a link to some practice recordings and two live sets.


This was a short lived but awesome screamo band (well at least I think so) that I was doing vocals in 4 years ago with Brian on guitar (from Scream baby, scream!, Brian Seeger, other assorted noise projects and now in "Etchings" with me), Adam on bass (from Oh No No! records), and Arch on drums (from Expectorated Sequence, Royume des Mort and Greg Cocaine). We played with A Day in Black and White, Cobra Noir, Navies, Beaumont Hamel amongst others. We recorded a demo released by Oh No No and Where's that Deerhead, which I am going to put up the link for. There is no photos or videos, it is kind of a drag.
Here is the link to the the only four songs that survived digitally from our 6 song demo.


Scream Baby, Scream! was sooooo much fun! We actually did it for a few years. SBS was Brian as mentioned above was in A Quiet Night and I and we did almost everything as a two piece. On occasion we would ask people to join us for recordings or shows. I think we had about 14 different friends join us for incarnations. We probably played at least 40 shows which included opening for The Locust, The Blood Brothers, Light the Fuse and Run, Off Minor, Life Detecting Coffins, Van Johnson and so many others. We played a very manic sonic noise. It had elements of emoviolence, screamo, post, indie and punk rock all covered in a think layer of feedback. We managed to destroy 4 guitars, one of which was a bass, a full drum kit, 36 plus patch cords and endless cymbals. It was nuts, we would always wear homemade masks, we would never put our name on flyers and posters, and would never accept money. It was just too much fun, such good times.
I will at some point put a link to some of our recordings.

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