Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So I recently saw Barrier at the Squalor House with Preying Hands, After the Fall and Year Zero. Barrier were the highlight of my night and not just because they are my buddies. It is tough to say too because I had never heard of After the Fall and they were so awesome! Anyways I decided to tag along with the Barrier fellas to Ottawa where they were to be playing the following night with From the Depths (Ex Catharis), The Vanishing Act (who fuckin' rule) and again After the Fall. The show was equally amazing (even with being bitten by a former member of Catharis)and Barrier ripped just as hard as they had the previous night. I honestly have seen them play so many shows over the last few years and they just keep stepping it up.
I have put out their demo cassette and seen most of their other bands active and inactive but seriously Barrier always will hold a special place in my heart. They mix classic 90's pop punk with the awesomeness of the 90's emo/screamo. I could seriously name drop a bunch right now because my brain is shooting them out but I feel it would never do them justice.

You can check out some of their other active and inactive band:
Vile Intent, Buried Inside, Whiskey Trench, Barn Burner, Black Ships, Thunder Bay, Snakemaster, Pals, Chairs, Cicata and I know there must be more but... I am drawing a blank.

Here are Barrier's website and their Myspace.
Also here is a link to download Barrier's newest album "What to make of a diminished thing"

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