Thursday, January 7, 2010


I don't know much about this band nor have I ever really. I just know that they are an awesome screamo band from the Netherlands. About 5 years ago I got a split LP they did with another Dutch band called The People Listening, Wonder. PLW are really good on their own but they never touched me in the same way the Dodewaard had. It might be because they are a little more sassy than I prefer.

Anyways the reason I decided to make this post tonight was because I was listening to my Ipod on shuffle and they came on. at this moment I began to scramble to get to my Ipod out of my coat just to see who it was. I mean I recognized it but couldn't place the name. I was awestruck by how good it was. Really great honestly, I ended up listening to all their stuff once I was home. I just check out some of their new bands and ouch, I am not into them at all.

I have put the Tour CD they made which contains all their material other than the two last songs they record prior to breaking up ( I will post them if I ever locate them). I also posted their Split with People Listening, Wonder in case anyone wants to check them out too. The Dodewaard songs however are on the Tour CD as will.

Here is some info I found through a myspace fan page:

Dodewaard was a screamo/hardcore band from the Netherlands. The band existed from 2001 until 2004 and played a total of exactly 50 shows.

They released
-A demo tape titled 'Heroine Maakt Veel Goed,'
- An untitled split LP with The People Listening, Wonder (another Dutch screamo band) on the German Adagio830 Records, and
-A 4-way split-cd with bands Petethepiratesquid, The Third Memory and Thema Eleven, released by the French Impure Muzik label.

The total of 10 songs making up these last two releases were also compiled and sold as a tour-only CD under the title 'God's Dead, You're Next'. They recorded two more songs just before breaking up, which were released as a tour-only CD entitled 'Mensen Met Een Mening.'One guitar player now plays in Headcollision, the other guitar player and bass player now play in Karaktermoord, and the drummer plays in Raik & the Chainballs.

Here are the links to download their Tour CD and split LP:

Link to the Tour CD.
Link to the Split LP with People Listening, Wonder (their songs are included).

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