Tuesday, January 5, 2010


So here is some off the wall emoviolence from Italy.
A Flower Kollapsed bring it to next level, there has not been a band stepping into it with this much force since the hayday of bands from the end of the 90's and early 2000's. Now I am not saying that they sound like these bands. I am just saying that there has not been many bands that have been rippin' this fucking hard since that era of emoviolence. They are mostly filled with blasts of spastic mayhem but they keep enough melody to keep me interested. They also have a slightly more technical and mathy side to them that they do very well and very tight. It does not come off cheesy like it most often would with other bands. However there is a little bit of an arty thing going on occasionally throughout their releases that may be frowned upon by some of you. But seriously, a little weird for a whole lot of awesome is a a small price to pay.
Anyways I have put their 12" and 10" to download just below. Enjoy, I know I have been.

Here is a vid of them live, totally shedding!

Here are links to their to full releases:
Link to the "Brown Recluse" 10"
Link to the "Orsago" 1 sided 12"

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